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Client: Wells Fargo Bank

Project: Article for their website
Objective: Informational
Financing Sources for Starting a Franchise Business

A franchise can be a great way to start a business. Much of the work has been done for you. Marketing plans, suppliers, and eager customers may all be supplied depending on the franchise you select to purchase. One aspect you will need to consider before opening a franchise is financing. Many franchisers will require a down payment as well as having the additional money for the purchase price and daily cash flow in place before a purchase can be made.

A lot of people, when dreaming of starting a business, assume there are franchise grants for business owners just waiting to be had. This is perpetuated by late-night infomercials and misinformation on the internet. The sad truth is there is very little if any, grant money available when starting a for-profit business. Typically, this type of money goes to the high-tech industries or cutting-edge medical research. Having said that, there are other sources available for financing.

Certainly, in some ways, one of the easiest avenues to secure financing for a franchise is from family. Some people are leery to borrow from relatives, but if you have a strong business plan and the experience to make your franchise a success, this should ease fears. If you go in this direction, it is important to have all terms in writing and agreed to before the transfer of funds.

The most common type of franchise financing is through a loan. There are several loan options. The first to consider is a loan from the Small Business Administration. The 7(a) program provides loans to businesses.

The SBA determines whether or not a business qualifies on the type of business, where it operates, and the character of the business owners. Franchises are eligible for these loans as long as the franchiser does not retain so much control over the business that the owner becomes a de-facto employee of the franchiser. The Small Business Administration also has programs that will help women, veterans, and minorities obtain financing for franchises.

A second program at the SBA is called the Microloan Program. This type of loan provides up to $50,000 in financing. The SBA uses intermediary lenders which will have their own set of requirements for these loans and the repayment of such. This money can be used for capital, inventory, equipment/machinery, furniture, or supplies. You are not allowed to purchase real estate or pay off existing debts with the money.

A final option is a traditional bank loan. Local banks are more willing to provide franchise financing than national banks. The local bank has an incentive to see businesses grow and thrive in their communities. National or even regional banks do not always have that same loyalty to a community.

When working with a bank to buy a franchise, you will need to provide personal financial information. The bank’s decision to give you financing or not will depend on your credit rating, current resources, and experience to run the franchise successfully. They will take a close look at your financial and personal past.

A business plan will be expected and will need to be detailed. It might be a good idea to hire someone to help you with this, or the franchiser might be able to lend a hand in this area. Receiving a bank loan can be more difficult than getting one from the SBA, but the advantage is you will be working with someone in your area.

Buying a franchise and running a business is a lot of work which takes planning and a little patience. Once you secure financing, and your franchise is in business, it’s still a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.


Client: The Company Corporation
Project: Web Page
Objective: Informational / encourage them to use service

Many business owners consider incorporating their business but wonder if they truly need to do so. There are several reasons you should incorporate yourself. Turning your sole proprietorship into a corporation signals to the world that you take your business seriously. Besides, protecting you personally from business liability, when you incorporate yourself, you obtain a degree of credibility with your clients. These are just a few of the benefits when you learn how to incorporate yourself and your business.

Additional benefits when you turn your sole proprietorship into a corporation include a greater ease when securing financing from a lender. Many lenders have a greater level of comfort when dealing with a corporation as opposed to a sole proprietorship due to liability issues. Another benefit, when you learn how to incorporate yourself, is that it is easier to manage income and separate your personal income from your business income. This helps to legally separate yourself from your incorporate self and makes tax time less of an issue. Lastly, when you incorporate yourself, you can limit your personal liability.

While many business owners realize the benefits of incorporation, they may feel the process is too daunting to tackle, but it does not need to be that way. Many small business owners remain sole proprietorships because they can’t answer the question, “How do I incorporate myself?”

When incorporating yourself, the information and questions about what to do and how to do it can be overwhelming and confusing. Since incorporating is one of the biggest steps a business owner will take, it should always be left up to the experts. In this day and age, there is no reason to attempt to incorporate yourself by yourself, so when you ask yourself, “Where can I go to receive help to incorporate me?” The answer is The Company Corporation.

The Company Corporation has helped business owners make the right choices when forming a corporation since 1899. We make incorporating an easy, accurate and affordable solution to one of the most important business decisions you’ll ever make. Plus, by working with us you’ll:

  • Protect your personal assets.
  • Benefit from tax savings.
  • Get instant credibility for your business.
  • Save time—we can expedite your order!

A business owner may think that “Learning how to incorporate will be a long and time-consuming process,” but that need not be the case. The Company Corporation can walk you through the process in as little as ten minutes, and expedite your paperwork so you can receive your documents in as little as a week’s time.

Take the how to out of how to incorporate and let an expert do the work for you. Between the online step-by-step process and the toll-free number with specialists standing by to assist you and answer your questions, there is no need to “go it alone.” Work with The Company Corporation and you won’t have to worry about red tape, mountains of paperwork, confusing questionnaires or making mistakes when incorporating yourself.
Client: Walter & Dunlop
Project: eNewsletter short piece
Objective: To highlight a success story

Walker & Dunlop is now offering two new loan options through Freddie Mac, the Manufactured Housing Community (MHC) offering and the Direct Purchase of Tax-Exempt Loans. In fact, Walker & Dunlop was the first Seller / Servicer to originate a manufactured housing loan for Freddie Mac's new program. The loan was for the Longhaven Estates property located in Phoenix, Arizona, with a loan amount of $10M.

The truly exciting part of this loan was that we were able to rate lock and fund the loan in less than forty-five days. The second new offering from Freddie Mac is The Direct Purchase of Tax-Exempt Loans initiative which assists in keeping rents affordable and provides properties with economic, streamlined financing.

Using this offering, we were able to process a $14M loan for The Lakewoods property in Dayton, Ohio. One advantage of The Direct Purchase offering is that it eliminates many of the costs that would normally be associated with bond issuance.

In August of this year, Walker & Dunlop took part in Freddie Mac's internal Multifamily Educational briefing series. Our own Will Baker, Senior Vice President of Multifamily Finance, was a special guest presenter sharing the stage with Amanda Nunnink, Freddie Mac's National MHC production lead, and Dan Din, the National MHC underwriting lead.

The three presented information about the Longhaven Estates property loan to a group of 250 Freddie Mac staff. 
Client: Walter & Dunlop
Project: Marketing email
Objective: Encourage clients to call the company

Subject line for email: Increase Your Affordable Housing Financing Options Today
Subtitle: Expand Your Portfolio with New Loan Options

As a real estate developer in the affordable rental housing market, you understand the difficulties in keeping housing costs reasonable for lower-income families while increasing cost-effective financing for tax-exempt multifamily properties at the same time.

That's why at Walter & Dunlop we now offer Direct Purchase of Tax-Exempt Loans and Manufactured Housing Community Offerings both through Freddie Mac. In fact, Walter & Dunlop was the first Seller / Servicer to originate a manufactured housing loan for the new Freddie Mac program.

The new MHC Offering provides the same high-level certainty of execution as other loan products and expands Freddie Mac's efforts in the affordable rental housing market. Details of our recent successful MHC Offering include:

  •  Property: Longhaven Estates in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Loan amount - $10M
  • The acquisition loan was completed in less than 45 days.

The Direct Purchase of Tax-Exempt Loans program assists in keeping rents reasonable and provides cost-effective financing for tax-exempt properties. Details of our recent successful Direct Purchase of Tax-Exempt Loan include:

  • Property: The Lakewoods in Dayton, Ohio
  • Loan amount - $14M
  • The Direct Purchase eliminates many of the costs that would normally be associated with bond issuance.
  • Developed with 4% Low-Housing Tax Credits

To learn how these two programs can increase your financing options for multifamily affordable housing, contact your Walter & Dunlop originator today.

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